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We are always looking for incredibly smart and radically pragmatic people to join our team.

We are always looking for incredibly smart and radically pragmatic people to join our team.

About Us

Dune is on a mission to make crypto data accessible. We’re a collaborative multi-blockchain analytics platform which is used by thousands of developers, analysts, investors and community members to better understand how the crypto ecosystem works.

We’re a fast growing team, working remotely from all across the world. We cherish working on a product that empowers our users to create and do their own research in an open community first manner. We’re backed by some of the world's best investors. In February 2022, we announced that we’ve raised our Series B funding, led by Coatue 🦄 to double down on our mission of making crypto data accessible! We’ll use the funds to educate, reward and empower a new generation of on-chain analysts aka Dune Wizards.

What We Are Looking For

At Dune we're on a mission to make crypto data accessible. Here's what we value and how we work to make that mission a reality. We make bold decisions and have the integrity to stick to them. Going all in on the crypto community (like we do in Dune) is a decision like this. It looks weird to a lot of people, but fundamentally it makes the most sense and when you stick to it you will gain the most. When we make changes to our data, many users build on top of that so changes are typically breaking. Sometimes it makes sense to push things out and get feedback quickly, other times you want to double check that everything is correct before you push. When it's a two-way door and you can walk back again you can move fast, when it's a one way door that you can't return through you double check that everything makes sense. Sometimes Dune demands a lot, sometimes a bit less. We strive to produce high quality output, not hours in a time sheet (we have no such sheet). We embrace the flexibility that remote work enables and expect you to set aside time for yourself. We highly encourage you to go for a walk or run when the sun is out, or take a few hours off if skiing/climbing/poker/family/insert preferred activity conditions are good. There's generally no need to ask for permission or flag these things in your calendar. The exception is when you are working closely on a project with others that might depend on you, then it can be good to communicate when you are unavailable. When you hear a great song you can become euphoric and full of joy because it's such a great and genuine piece of art. We wanna invoke similar feelings when working at Dune, both for ourselves and for the community we serve. Be that in a feature, a Tweet, reply to a customer or in a piece of swag we hand out. We embrace all the nuances and textures that make life exciting and beautiful. Enjoying life means having fun. Life is short and therefore one should maximise fun. While we take the work we do seriously we don't take ourselves too seriously. We are fortunate to be in a space that lives on Twitter, rather than Linkedin. We're here for the memeing of life.


The path is the goal, so you need to enjoy yourself along the way


At Dune we want to have a huge impact


At Dune there's no barrier to speak your mind in a respectful and constructive manner


make crypto data accessible