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We are always looking for incredibly smart and radically pragmatic people to join our team.

We are always looking for incredibly smart and radically pragmatic people to join our team.

About Us

Since our founding in 2010, Ereztech has become a competitive supplier and innovator of specialty organic, inorganic and organometallic compounds targeted especially for advanced material coatings, composites and catalyst applications.

In the beginning, we served mostly catalog customers by optimizing and overcoming logistical challenges for globally-sourced materials by streamlining the import process and offering our customers cost-saving solutions. As our business grew, we saw and pursued a gap in the semiconductor and ALD precursor space, which was a natural segue to our next phase of growth. We used our commercial experience and technical expertise to introduce new molecules and develop scalable synthesis techniques to meet the challenging needs of our customers. From there, we expanded our production capabilities into high-volume manufacturing quantities through development and implementation of our 25grams™ program and BridgeForward™ approach.

In April 2020, we opened our first state-side laboratory to become a more agile partner and reduce lead-times for our US-based customers. We continue to expand our international operations, leveraging our technical resources of 50+ PhD scientists, operational best practices and economies-of-scale to deliver high-quality, low-cost products to our customers.

Today, our growing US operations offer an expanded pyrophoric molecule portfolio, flexibility in product packaging, and local analytical capabilities. Our multinational business platform offers high purities, dual-sourcing and assured business continuity to support our customers’ growth objectives.