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We are always looking for incredibly smart and radically pragmatic people to join our team.

About Us

Oxbotica was founded in 2014 by Oxford professors, Paul Newman and Ingmar Posner. Since then, we have grown from a start-up through to one of the world’s leading autonomous driving software companies. We build software for real-world application, drawing on principles of physics, robotics, maths, AI and a dedicated team to perfect our technology.

Our autonomous vehicle software is deployed across multiple sectors, bringing the benefits of autonomy to businesses globally. We’re working to build an eco-system that supports the adoption of autonomous vehicles, building partnerships to accelerate the deployment of Universal Autonomy.


Universal Autonomy launched


Oxbotica raise £14m in first funding round


First company to test self-driving vehicle in public in the UK


Founded by Oxford University professors Paul Newman & Ingmar Posner

What We Do

Autonomy Will Let All Vehicles Do More

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at Oxbotica

What We Are Looking For

At Oxbotica we take great pride in our team. We are creating a space where everyone is welcome, heard, and celebrated for their strengths. We’re driven by challenge and a commitment to make our employees experience as dynamic and rewarding as we can.

Together, as we build a global business, we are steered by our experience, insight of an entire team and guided by strong and approachable leadership.

We support a healthy work-life balance, offering flexible working and plenty of social engagements open to the whole team. We regularly share our vision, targets and company updates with everyone, including remote workers, because we believe that an engaged workforce is more productive and positive.

As we grow internationally our values and culture will be fundamental in keeping us on track and moving in the right direction. Our people embody these values. They trust us to provide strong leadership, a secure environment and opportunities for growth – we trust them to contribute their energy & expertise to move the business forward.

Life With Us Looks Like