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Your flexible pension

About Us

Raindrop is modernising the archaic world of pensions. We are developing a fully digital and truly flexible pension solutions specifically for freelancers and anyone who is self-employed. As a self-employed person you don’t have an employer paying into your pension but there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to save for retirement in a seamless way – with Raindrop you will soon be able to!

What We Are Looking For

Here at Raindrop we’re redefining what saving for retirement looks like for the self-employed. We’re addressing the need of the 5 million UK freelancers in which only 16% are paying into a pension, by creating a truly digital and flexible way to save for their future. With no employer, they’re often on their own when it comes to insurance, pensions and other financial safety nets that most of the UK workforce has in place. But we also understand that traditional savings products just don’t work for someone who doesn’t know what their income is going to be each month, and we’re building our product accordingly. It’s an exciting time to join Raindrop as we’ve just closed our funding round, and we’ll officially launch our product to our early adopters next month. Given the current environment we want the self-employed community to know that we’re here for them, even if the UK government sometimes isn’t, so that we can help them save for their future without compromising their present. That’s our mission.

Life With Us Looks Like