Senior Full-stack Software Engineer

Senior Full-stack Software Engineer



You are curious, smart and great at what you do. You are looking for a remote role where you get the chance to work at a startup where you can fundamentally create & shape the product.

  • Salary: Up to £105k p.a. + large option package
  • Holidays: 23 days p.a. + the days between Christmas & New Year + Public Holidays
  • Location: Remote - required to be based on a location that is +/- 2 hours from UK's time zone.

The Opportunity

Translucent is taking advantage of the latest data tools & techniques to build a next generation accounting system.

The Product Engineering team will be responsible for building the first version of the user interface and related back-end systems to create multiple data products for our customers to work with around their financial data.

Translucent was only conceived in May but, due to the quality and track record of the team and the huge opportunity, it has already received investment from top tier angels and a leading institutional investor.

The opportunity is to be there at the very beginning of a large and successful company.

The Role

This role will be part of the founding Product Engineering Team.

You will join a small team of engineers and designers (<5 to begin with) building the MVP of our product alongside our Data Engineering and Data Science teams.

Early on, you will be collaborating with our CTO, our Product Manager and our Lead Designer to build a series of exploratory prototypes to validate customer needs. You'll iterate on them based on user feedback and then take what we've learned and long-term build out a robust, scalable platform.

You will be working on building web-based user interfaces to multiple data products based on financial and accounting data from source through to myriad representations of the data: from board reports to statutory accounts, from forecasting to benchmarking.

You will have the opportunity to contribute to decisions around architecture, toolset, cloud infrastructure, front end components, and internal/externally-facing APIs.


Experience with some of the technologies we're considering using:

  • Typescript, Node, React, Next.js/Remix, Storybook, GraphQL, Prisma, Supabase, Postgres, Snowflake, Google Cloud Platform,, search APIs (Elastic, Algolia), serverless architectures, infrastructure-as-code (Pulumi, Terraform).
  • You are recognised by your colleagues as being excellent at your job and someone that people want to work with.
  • You are smart and curious, and passionate about your work.
  • You are looking to work in a team where excellence is recognised, people are treated well and there is a high product velocity.


  • You have experience working with modern data, analytics and business intelligence tools and presenting data for users to interact with and manipulate.
  • You have some experience working with financial data or built a product in the finance sector.
  • You have some experience collaborating with data engineers and ML engineers to build customer-facing products.


  • Salary: Up to £105k p.a. + large option package
  • Holidays: 23 days p.a. + the days between Christmas & New Year + Public Holidays
  • Location: Remote, but required to be in UK/European time zone
  • Pension Contributions
  • Healthcare

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